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Toys I Bought for Myself

Obviously, I like toys. My tastes run towards the technical. I like toys that teach science, toys that are high-tech, and toys that are interesting. I make a lot of toys, but this section is devoted to toys that I bought, particularly for myself.

I love microscopes. I love looking at pond water and seeing all the weird little animals swimming around in it.
A good microscope makes it much easier to see everything. A microscope with a digital camera makes it easy to record what you see.

Telescopes are magic. I love looking at glowing nebulae, spiral galaxies, Jupiter and its moons, Saturn and its rings. Great fun.

Modern telescopes make it easy, with computers to aim the telescope at anything in their huge catalogs of things to see in the night sky.

Radio Controlled Toys
I have lots of RC toys.

I particularly like the Aero Ace tiny airplanes, although we have a lot of fun with RC blimps in the house.

Wonderful & Weird
Some toys defy categorization.

Computers & networking
You can do amazing things these days.

Home Theater and HD Video Camera
A big screen, high definition DirecTV Tivo, a computer, an XBOX 360, and a high-end DVD player round out a nice place to relax and have fun.

A really nice HD Video camera rounds it all out.

Sometimes tools are toys. I have so much fun playing with a good oscilloscope that sometimes I make up new projects just because they produce interesting waveforms.

Stirling Engine
There is something amazing about precision machinery spinning around from the tiny amount of waste heat given off by a network switch or a wireless router.

Hybrid Cars
Why have an ordinary car, when you can drive a high-tech toy and play with all the gadgets? And it is better for the environment.

Home Gym
Staying healthy means getting enough exercise. Having fun toys to play with in the gym makes it more likely you will actually use it.


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