suxamethonium chloride

PubChem Notes:

Succinylcholine A quaternary skeletal muscle relaxant usually used in the form of its bromide, chloride, or iodide. It is a depolarizing relaxant, acting in about 30 seconds and with a duration of effect averaging three to five minutes. Succinylcholine is used in surgical, anesthetic, and other procedures in which a brief period of muscle relaxation is called for.

Molecular Formula: C14H34Cl2N2O6

InChI: InChI=1/C14H30N2O4.2ClH.2H2O/c1-15(2,3)9-11-19-13(17)7-8-14(18)20-12-10-16(4,5)6;;;;/h7-12H2,1-6H3;2*1H;2*1H2/q+2;;;;/p-2/fC14H30N2O4.2Cl.2H2O/h;2*1h;;/qm;2*-1;;

SMILES: C[N+](C)(C)CCOC(=O)CCC(=O)OCC[N+](C)(C)C.O.O.[Cl-].[Cl-]

    Succin (TN)
    Suxamethonium chloride (JP15)
    suxamethonium chloride
    trimethyl-[2-[3-(2-trimethylammonioethoxycarbonyl)propanoyloxy]ethyl]azanium dichloride dihydrate

    PubChem CID 656867
    PubChem ID 7849334