A Photographer

By photographer I mean both someone who wants to take photographs through a microscope, and someone who already has photographic equipment.

While very nice photographs can be taken through a microscope eyepiece, a photographer will want either a trinocular head (one eyepiece for each eye, and another tube for the camera), or at least a head that can be removed, so that a DSLR camera with its lens removed can look straight down at the objective lens.

Although I will later be showing how to ensure that the entire field is in focus even with inexpensive objectives, a photographer will want PLAN or semi-PLAN objectives, so that as much of the field of view will be in focus as possible.  And while I will also be showing how to get around problems with different colors focusing at different distances, an apochromatic objective will provide better photos without extra processing, and will still work with live specimens that move around.

A photographer will probably not be satisfied with the resolution available from microscopes with built-in digital cameras.  That DSLR camera will take much better shots than the built-in camera will, at the expense of some convenience and clutter.

This is not a cheap microscope.  But it might start out as a less expensive microscope, upgraded with a better set of objectives, and maybe a better condenser.