This is a preview of my up-coming book.

The entire table of contents is reproduced below, with links to some of the chapters in on-line form so you can get an idea of the form and flavor of the material.

Chapter 1: Magnetism:

Experimenting with magnetorheological fluids.
Building a magnetic bearing.
Building a Curie-effect heat engine.
Going further:

Chapter 2: Electromagnetism:

Building an electric motor in 10 minutes.
The single brush motor.
The double brush improvement.
The hanging brush variation.
A 10 minute motor with no magnet.
An electric pendulum in 10 minutes.
Building an electromagnetic coil gun.

Chapter 3: Electrochemistry:

Building a plastic hydrogen bomb.
Electromachining, electroetching, and electroplating.
Building your own solar battery.

Chapter 4: Radio:

Building a quick and simple radio.
Building a radio out of household implements.
Building a radio transmitter in 10 minutes.
Building a matching receiver and signal strength meter.
Building a very simple AM voice transmitter.
Going further:
License-free radio frequencies.
Getting an Amateur Radio license.

Chapter 5: Thermodynamics:

Building simple heat engines.
Hero's steam engine.
An engine driven by the heat of your hand.
A simple steam engine powered boat.
A bi-metal strip heat engine.
A simple rocket engine you can build in your kitchen.
Building a potato cannon.

Chapter 6: Aerodynamics:

Building a Bernoulli levitation ball.

Chapter 7: Light and optics:

Quick and simple laser communicator.
Improved laser communicator.
Building the impossible kaleidoscope.
Building a simple spectroscope.
How to video tape through a microscope.
Going further:
Lasers and holography.

Chapter 8: Space science:

Detecting meteors with an FM radio or television.
Collecting micrometeorites in your backyard.
Listening to Jupiter.
Going further:
Astronomy clubs.
Building your own radio telescope.

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